Talks Schedules & Abstracts

College of Arts & Science

Student Talk Time Location
Barney* Effect of Krill Oil Supplements on Gentoo Penguin Coloration and Feather Quality 11:00-12:15 SC 232
Sorbara* Angelman Syndrome † 11:00-12:15 SC 232
Anderson Abstract 3 - This Talk was a No Show 9:30-10:45 SC 102
Bush Porphyria, the Damozel, and the Duchess: Control of Victorian Femininity through Murder and Artwork 9:30-10:45 SC 102
Ciufo The Craft of Writing The Short Story 12:30-1:45 SC 121
Dillon Music, Literature, and Trauma 9:30-10:45 SC 102
Frenette An Unfulfilled Life: Louisa May Alcott's Little Women 9:30-10:45 SC 102
Garrigal Victorian Women in a Repressed Society 11:00-12:15 SC 102
Klinoff A Portrait of the Victorian Woman through Vampire Literature 11:00-12:15 SC 102
Podesta* The Lost Years of Jeshua D. Nassartiz 12:30-1:45 SC 121
Price Childhood Trauma and Imagination in Stephen King's It 11:00-12:15 SC 102
Rodrigues American versus British Literature - This Talk was a No Show 12:30-1:45 SC 120
Snyder Jesus Christ and Slavery: A Discussion of the Usage of Christ Figures within African-American Literature 12:30-1:45 SC 120
Tibus A Study of Economics and Its Effects on Marriage and Women 12:30-1:45 SC 120
Lopes* Tiradentes: A Reluctant Messiah 12:30-1:45 SC 122
Maloney* “One Can Only Be Free If They Live In The Cause Of Liberty:” Frederick Douglass’ 1845-1847 European Tour 12:30-1:45 SC 122
McClintock* What War? The British propaganda campaign and the alliance that brought World War II to America 12:30-1:45 SC 122
Bohl* Laplacian Matrices of Graphs 11:00-12:15 SC 232
Schwartz* Identification Numbers and Check Digit Schemes 9:30-10:45 SC 121
Trommelen* Topology: Generalizing Calculus 9:30-10:45 SC 121
Media Studies
Perez* Maslow’s Pyramid: The Life of Abe 12:30-1:45 SC 121
Garrett* Montessori: Organized Play or A New Way to Learn? 9:30-10:45 SC 232
Wysocki* Empathy Begets Hope – The Core Ideas of CCAR 9:30-10:45 SC 232
Social Work
Kallmeyer* Case Example of Comprehensive Social Work Assessment and Intervention 9:30-10:45 SC 232

John F. Welch College of Business

Student(s) Talk Time Location
Biagini* & Maniaci* How Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Revenue and Consumer Opinion 9:30-10:45 SC 121
Zecca* Corporate Scandals: The Unintended Consequences 9:30-10:45 SC 121
Antczak* Exchange Rate Risk Mitigation: Measuring and Managing the Foreign Exposure 11:00-12:15 SC 122
Lynch* The Varying Effects of Quantitative Easing on Both the United States and the World 11:00-12:15 SC 122
McCabe* Strategies Aimed at Mitigating Liquidity Risk 11:00-12:15 SC 122
Keats* Business Planning and Analysis 11:00-12:15 SC 122
Sheluck* Educational Networks and Their Effects on the Success of Women in the Business World 12:30-1:45 SC 121
D’Onofrio* Fusion † 9:30-10:45 SC 232
O’Connor* SWOT Analysis of Dunkin’ Donuts 12:30-1:45 SC 122

College of Health Professions

Student Talk Time Location
Anicette* My Mission Trip to Jamaica 11:00-12:15 SC 232