Message from the Chairs of the Academic Festival

April 24, 2015

On behalf of the Academic Festival Organizing Committee, welcome to our Third Annual SHU Academic Festival! For the third time in SHU’s history, we are holding a day-long event to celebrate the academic accomplishments of our students. The Festival builds on and expands previous successful academic events such as the annual research poster and showcase session sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences, honors symposium, and senior capstone nights, uniting them into a single, higher profile event. There will be 55 poster presentations and 35 talks from the students representing all Colleges. Over 130 students are participating!  Student contributions include research projects with SHU faculty or external mentors, significant class projects or papers, work presented at professional conferences, service learning projects, honors senior capstone projects, etc. 

The projects provide students with diverse and enriching educational experiences. Regardless of the discipline, the student is required to be able to draw upon his/her foundation of knowledge gained throughout the undergraduate or graduate years, and to apply it in the context of investigating or analyzing a new problem or phenomena, or finding creative expression through literature, poetry, or other art forms. Students learn critical thinking skills in devising a research plan or a route of inquiry or expression, discipline in executing their plan or inquiry, and care in analyzing the results. Sifting through results and multiple methods of expression, students search for coherent meaning or solutions to the problem of interest and thereby appreciate the fact that success in academia requires sustained effort over long periods of time. For most of the students, it is the experience of the work itself and not the particular results of their project that will enrich their professional lives.

We would like to express our gratitude to the faculty mentors who have generously shared their time and expertise to guide and encourage the students along their respective academic paths. Without this nurturing support, the students would not be here today. Thank you also to the poster judges for sharing their time to help make this event a success.

Congratulations to all of this year's participants! Thank you for sharing your work with the broader University community. As Sacred Heart University continues to live out its Mission in the pursuit of truth, you provide a tangible evidence of our progress.


Marlina Slamet, Ph.D.
Chair of Poster Session of the Academic Festival

Keri Matthews Signature

Keri Matthews, M.S.
Co-Chair of Poster Session of the Academic Festival

Richard Magee Signature

Richard Magee, Ph.D.
Chair of Talks of the Academic Festival

Jennifer McLaughlin Signature

Jennifer McLaughlin, M.A.
Co-Chair of Talks of the Academic Festival

And the members of the Academic Festival Organizing Committee, and the Undergraduate Research Initiative Committee:

  • Suzanne Deschênes
  • Matthew Moran
  • David Taylor
  • Beverly Lysobey
  • Dawn Melzer
  • Bernadette Boyle
  • Bronwyn Cross-Denny
  • Linda Farber
  • June-Ann Greeley
  • Pearl Jacobs
  • Jason Molitierno
  • Patrick Morris
  • Thomas Terleph