Guidelines for Talk with Papers*

  1. Each student will have a maximum fifteen (15) minutes for his/her presentation. Please be sure to keep to the time limit to avoid the embarrassment of having the session moderator cut you off before your presentation is complete. 

  2. After all of the papers from a panel (usually four papers) have been presented, there will be some time for questions from the audience. Be prepared to talk more about your topic if asked. Don’t worry about these questions: remember that you are the expert on this topic!

  3. Each student should practice his/her presentation a few times before the Academic Festival, preferably with his/her advisor. This will help you stay within the maximum time limit and become comfortable talking about your research in front of an audience.

  4. The best paper presentations are not verbatim readings of research papers. Remember that you know your research. Demonstrate this by highlighting the most important and interesting aspects of your research paper in your presentation. Once again, plan your presentation and practice it as often as you can before the Academic Festival. 

  5. Each presentation should start with: (a) the title of your talk; (b) your name and those of any other authors; (c) the name of your faculty mentor; and (d) your department or program.

  6. Timing is everything. Typically, one page of double-spaced written text takes about two (2) minutes to read, so your paper presentation should be 5-6 pages long.

  7. Stay calm, the hard part is over! You have done all the work, the paper presentation gives you the opportunity to share your research with faculty and other students interested in your work.

*Adapted from Northeast Regional Honors Council