Guidelines for Power Point or Prezi Presentations*

  1. Each student presentation can be no more than 15 minutes long. To avoid the embarrassment of the session moderator abruptly ending your presentation, please finish on time. (Note: You will receive cues from the session moderator to end your presentation.) 

  2. After all of the papers from a panel (usually four papers) have been presented, there will be some time for questions from the audience. Be prepared to talk more about your topic if asked. Don’t worry about these questions: remember that you are the expert on this topic!

  3. Practice your talk a few times beforehand with your faculty mentor. This will help you to stay on track and to best present yourself and your work.

  4. Don’t read your presentation straight from the Powerpoint or Prezi slide. It is much more powerful to use the slides as cues and to highlight what you say, so make sure you rehearse and plan your presentation.

  5. A good rule of thumb is 1 slide per minute, so aim for a presentation of 14-15 slides maximum.

  6. The first slide should contain the title of your talk, your name and those of any other authors as well as your faculty mentor, and your department or program.

  7. Your presentation should be organized in a manner that is consistent with your field of study. For example, a biology or chemistry researcher would normally start with an Introduction, Hypothesis(es), an Outline of the experiment(s), Results, Discussion or Conclusion, and References. A student presenting an analytical or argumentative paper would start with an Introduction, Thesis Statement, content slides that summarize the bulk of the work contained in the paper (e.g., advantages and disadvantages, point of view #1 and point of view #2), Conclusions, and References. Please consult with your faculty mentor if you are unsure how to organize your Powerpoint or Prezi presentation.

  8. The formatting of slides is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, not only to effectively communicate your information, but also to engage the audience’s attention. For specific tips on formatting Powerpoint presentations, please click on the “View Presentation” link in the “Powerpoint Guidelines” section

*Adapted from Northeast Regional Honors Council