Psychology Abstracts

Abstracts of Psychology Posters:

25. Behavioral Development in Bottlenose Dolphin Calves [Amaya] - This poster has been cancelled

26.  Effects of Stress Exposure During Adolescence on Anxiety and Cognitive Functioning in Male and Female Rats [Antimisiaris*,  Burke*, Goggin and Riccio] 

27.  A Comparison of College Students whose Frequency of Alcohol Use is Similar or Different from Perceived Alcohol Use [Barber, Harrison and McMahon] 

28.  The Effect of Observing Research on Public Engagement in an Aquarium Setting [Burke, Cantileno, Battaglia, Nyser, Mangi, Lombardi and Hogan] 

29.  Adolescent Bisphenol-A Exposure Leads to Enduring Alterations in Cognition and Dendritic Spine Density In Adult Rats [DeWolf*] 

30.  Can Fantasy Context Aid Sight Word Recognition Abilities in Young Children? [Gardner, McGann, Ryan and Steinhauer] 

31.  The Role of Laterality in Beluga Visual Discrimination [Hogan, Weiman, Nyser, Lombardi, Mangi and Dunlea] 

32.  Investigating the Relationship Between Motor Development and Executive Function Skills in Preschoolers [Lippolis, Ward and Weigel] 

33.  Do belugas form expectations that can be violated when looking at novel humans or objects? [Nyser, Weiman, Miles, Mangi and Dunlea] 

34.  Adolescent Environmental Enrichment Has Differential Effects on Anxiety and Cognition in Male and Female Rats [Wagenblatt, Saphire and Thomas] 

35.  Representations of Humans and Objects in Belugas (Delphinapterus leucas) [Weiman, Nyser, Mangi, Dunlea and Miles]