Shattered Imperium

Student: Ian Gage* and Chris Snavely
Mentor: Frances Grodzinsky and Robert McCloud
Major: Computer Science and Information Technology

Shattered Imperium is a two-dimensional tactical strategy game for a single player. The player will take command of a race engaged in a galactic civil war. The rulers of the Empire have mysteriously disappeared, and the disparate races of the galaxy have gone to war to earn the right to rule over the other denizens of the Empire. On a turn-by-turn basis, the player will create a force of space vessels to command in battle against a system-controlled enemy. To win a game of Shattered Imperium, the player must defeat his/her foes on any given map. These are randomly generate at the start of the game. The player can complete a map by capturing the enemy headquarters or destroying all enemy units. The player can lose by having his/her headquarters captured or by losing all of his/her units. You are allowed one slot to save your game. If you wish to save your game, it will overwrite the previous save.

*Honors Senior