Subcommittee Groups and Primary Charges

Subcommittee Groups and Primary Charges
Consistent with the University’s mission and Catholic identity, President John J. Petillo charged Dr. Rupendra Paliwal as Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning, to establish the following committees and develop goals and objectives to achieve the following:
Increase Academic Excellence and Distinctiveness Chairs:
  • Dr. Patricia Walker, dean, College of Health Professions
  • Dr. Seamus Carey, dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Audrey Beauvais, associate professor of Nursing
  • Dr. Suzanne Deschenes, associate professor of Biology
  • Dr. Gavin Ferriby, University librarian
  • Dr. Stephen Lilly, chair/associate professor, Sociology
  • Dr. Mindy Miserendino, associate professor, Psychology
  • Dr. Lucjan Orlowski, professor, Economics & Finance
  • Dr. Rupendra Paliwal, associate professor, Economics & Finance
  • Domenick Pinto, associate professor/chair, Computer Science & Information
  • Dr. Jonas Zdanys, associate provost, professor, English
Develop a Student Development Plan of Learning and Living Outside the Classroom Chairs:
  • Larry Wielk, dean of Students
  • Deanna Fiorentino, executive director, Student Affairs Research & Special Projects
  • Pam Barnum, Student Life office manager
  • Nancy Boudreau, director of Web Content Management
  • Dr. Stephen Brown, professor, Management
  • Shirley Canaan, director, Administrative Computing and Information Technology
  • Sean Heffron, director of Student Experience, Jack Welch College of Business
  • Dr. Velma Heller, assistant professor, Education
  • Patricia Aquila, executive director Career Development and Placement
  • Elizabeth Luckie, director of Athletic Admin/Co-Head Softball Coach
  • Dr. Peter Maresco, clinical associate professor, Marketing and Sports Management
  • Dr. Mary Jo Mason, Director of Student Wellness Services
  • Dr. Shirley Pavone, assistant professor, Psychology
  • Dr. Gerald Reid, professor, Sociology
  • Denise Tiberio, associate dean of Students
  • Linda Vagvolgyi, administrative associate to SVP Athletics and Student Affairs
  • Sherylyn Watson, instructor, Nursing
Build New Facilities and Upgrade Existing Infrastructure to be More Competitive Chairs:
  • Michael Trimble, vice president, Information Technology and Security
  • Paul Healy, executive director, Emergency Management and Public Safety and Campus Operations
  • Jeffrey Barrett, Risk Manager, General Counsel
  • Dr. Jody Bortone, associate dean CHP/chair OT&HS/CIM associate professor, Occupational Therapy
  • Marc Izzo, director of University Construction
  • Dr. Mark Jareb, associate professor, Biology
  • Trigona Mililli, director of custodial services and moves, Campus Operations
  • William Mumper, communication systems architect, Information Technology
  • Saburo Usami, director of networking and telecommunications, Information Technology
Strengthen the Long-term Financial Stability of the University Chairs:
  • Philip McCabe, vice president, Finance, Business Office
  • Mary Lou DeRosa, dean, University College
  • Dr. Michael Emery, assistant dean/director, Physical Therapy, professor, Physical Therapy
  • John Gerlach, senior business executive in Residence & Associate, Economics & Finance
  • Lisa Gockley, director of employee benefits, Human Resources
  • Michael Iannazzi, vice president, Marketing & Communications
  • Stephane Kirven, assistant professor, Criminal Justice
  • George Lombardi, general manager, WSHU
  • Julie Savino, executive director, University Financial Assistance
  • Stephen Scarpati, clinical associate professor, Accounting & Information Systems
  • Liz-Ann St. Onge, assistant controller, Business office
  • Peter Ward, controller, Business Office
Sacred Heart University Board of Trustees
  • Chairman: James T. Morley, Jr.
  • Vice Chairman: Frank R. Martire '69
  • Secretary: Christopher K. McLeod
  • Treasurer: Teresa M. Ressel
  • Rosanne Badowski '79
  • Norbert Becker
  • Mary-Ann Bunting
  • Patrick Carolan, MD
  • Robert L. Corcoran
  • Brian H. Hamilton ‘87
  • Rev. Robert M. Kinnally
  • Gary J. Levin ‘78
  • Vincent Maffeo
  • Patrick G. Maggitti
  • Murray D. Martin
  • Frank R. Martire
  • Daniel J. McCarthy
  • Christopher K. McLeod
  • Linda E. McMahon
  • William E. Mitchell
  • James T. Morley, Jr. 
  • John J. Petillo, Ph.D 
  • Teresa M. Ressel
  • Thomas L. Rich
  • Richard M. Schaeffer
  • Lois Schine