President's Welcome Message

Dear Friends,

President John J. Petillo‌‌, Ph.D.

For the better part of 50 years, Sacred Heart University has been hard at work earning the respect and loyalty of tens of thousands of students and parents and alumni. From an initial enrollment of just 173 students in 1963, we have grown to a student body in excess of 6,000, with dozens of challenging academic programs across a wide variety of disciplines. Welcome to our University. Welcome to our family.

What is immediately evident to visitors – especially those who have not been on campus for a while – is the energy and vitality of this special place, this unique experience. Our facilities continue to keep pace with our expanding academic offerings. The award-winning Chapel of the Holy Spirit is a great point of pride, and our brand-new student commons right next door is a daily meeting place for students. We also recently upgraded the library to ensure it has all the amenities that students need to be successful in their studies. And this is just the beginning. We are committed to ensuring that Sacred Heart’s best days lie ahead.

I invite you to explore these pages carefully and discover for yourselves the great riches to be found here. But as helpful as they are, the real keys to the Sacred Heart experience lie within each of our students and faculty members and staff. Speak to them, and you’ll quickly discover a faculty and staff who are helping students to flourish and to grow in body, mind, heart and spirit. Talk with our students and you will meet active and engaged learners who are breaking new ground and engaging in the world with a purpose as they seek to find powerful and effective ways to improve the lives of others. If you are ready for a transformation, our vibrant, supportive community is here to help you realize your full potential and propel you into a rich, successful life.


John J. Petillo, Ph.D.