Dr. Kirk Bartholomew to Lecture on Split Gill Fungus

News Story: September 5, 2008

The Sacred Heart University Faculty Scholarship Seminar series will kick off with Dr. Kirk Bartholomew of the Department of Biology discussing his research on the Schizophyllum commune, commonly known as the Split Gill fungus. The program will take place in SC121 on Thursday, October 9, from 3:15-5 P.M. Fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, and wine will be served.

Dr. Bartholomew will share the results of his research in a presentation with the intriguing title: “How to Make a Species with 20,000 Sexes Go Green with Envy: Sex, Development and Fluorescent Proteins in the Split Gill Fungus.” His work has centered on the molecular mechanisms controlling sexual development in the Schizophyllum commune.

Found all over the world, the fungus has unique features that have led to a century-long history of laboratory research. Unlike most fungi, it will complete its entire reproductive cycle under laboratory conditions. The genetic control of its sexual development is an active area for investigating mechanisms enabling molecular control of gene expression.