Instructional Technology Presents Incorporating Spatial Data Into the Classroom and Research

News Story: November 27, 2008

Sacred Heart University' Office of Instructional Technology will present their final session of the Fall 2008 Teaching with Technology Seminar Series with Incorporating Spatial Data Into the Classroom and Research:  Pictures are Worth More Than a Thousand Words on Tuesday, November 18th from 3:00pm-4:00pm in classroom HC206 of the Main Academic Building.  The featured speakers will be Dr. Kirk Bartholomew and Dr. Mark Beekey of SHU's Department of Biology.  Both assistant professors, Dr. Bartholomew has research interests in fungal genetics while Dr. Beekey focuses on marine and invertebrate biology.  Please RSVP to David Demers, director of instructional technology, by emailing him at or by calling 203-396-8369, by Friday, November 14th.  Refreshments will be provided.

Session Description:  Curious about what GI (Geographic Information System) is and how it can be used in teaching and research?  Want to know how to help students better understand research data?  Kirk Bartholomew and Mark Beekey, Assistant Professors of Biology, will present an interactive talk on how they incorporate spatial data into their teaching and research.  They will demonstrate methods to capture and plot geospatial information using CyberTracker and ArcGIS software.  Their talk will also focus on how spatial data is interdisciplinary and can be used across the curriculum.