Dr. Gerald Reid Appointed Sacred Heart University Faculty Athletics Representative

News Story:

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Dr. Gerald Reid, professor of sociology at Sacred Heart University, has been named the school's new faculty athletics representative.

The representative, in a position mandated by NCAA bylaws for all member institutions, provides general oversight of athletics to ensure compliance with university academic standards and NCAA regulations, and also chairs the Faculty Athletic Committee.

“I’m really excited about it—I kind of see it as participating in athletics,” said Dr. Reid, a former high school soccer and basketball player who has served on SHU’s Faculty Athletic Committee for 17 years. “I’ve had a familiarity with the issues for a long time, and this is an opportunity to become even more involved than I was before. I’ve always been involved in various kinds of athletics—I enjoy participating, I enjoy watching, my kids play sports, and I think it’s an important part of a college experience. It brings a lot to a university community, and it brings a lot to the experience of being a student.”

The position of faculty athletics representative was previously held by Dr. Gary Rose, professor and chair of SHU’s Government and Politics department.  Dr. Rose filled the role for 10 years, and stepped down to concentrate on research and writing.

“Dr. Reid is very familiar with all that we have done here over the years, he’s very familiar with the needs of student athletes, and I strongly endorsed his appointment,” Dr. Rose said. “We have somebody who’s very experienced stepping into this position. It should be a seamless transition.”

Dr. Reid said his goal as faculty athletics representative is to further fortify the ties between SHU’s academic infrastructure and an athletics program that has grown dramatically in the past two decades.

“Dr. Rose laid the groundwork for the recent growth of athletics at Sacred Heart—he saw us through from the time we were Division II and III through to Division I and the whole evolution of that process,” Dr. Reid said. “Now I think we’re in a good position to continue to build even stronger connections between the athletics department and the academic area of the University.”