New Full-Time Computer Science Program at SHU

News Story: September 7, 2008

Sacred Heart University introduces an innovative new way to complete the MS degree in Computer and Information Science (MSCIS). The new full-time MSCIS program allows students to earn a graduate degree in either Computer Science or Information Technology in as little as 15 months. Students participate in classes which offer the latest in computer systems, laboratories, and multimedia equipment, as well as the option of completing a 12-month internship in the local business community.Internships may be available in a wide range of fields from Software Development and Network Security to Instructional Technology and Systems Analysis. For those students without prior computer science training or education, the internship offers the hands-on experience that employers require and improves students’ job prospects upon graduation.

According to Professor Domenick Pinto, Chair of the Computer Science Department and Graduate Program Director, “this new full-time graduate program provides an innovative venue to combine an accelerated 15-month degree program along with corporate experience in the workforce.”And with a growing workforce need, computer science is a lucrative field to enter at this time.US Department of Labor statistics cite that job demand in computer science will increase by 37% in the next 8 years.Professor Pinto agrees that job demand is high and the time is right to enter the field, “Students with a BS or BA in a non-technical major are able to complete a master’s degree in IT, gain job experience and enter the field in less than two years.”

The Office of Graduate Admissions at Sacred Heart University is hosting a Registration Night on Thursday, September 4th at 5:30pm.Professor Pinto will talk about this new structure of courses and how it can help students develop their career path in Computer Science and Information Technology.