College of Arts and Sciences to Host Research Poster Session

News Story:

The College of Arts and Sciences presents:      
Undergraduate Research Poster &
Showcase Session

 Friday, April 25, 2008
University Commons
12:15 - 3:15pm 
All are welcome!!  Explore the research works/showcases of Athletic Training, Biology, Chemistry, Math, English, Exercise Science, CS/IT, Media Studies, and Psychology majors.

Presentations will include: “The Mathematics of Sudoku Puzzles” . . . “Sex on the Beach: Limulus Mating Patterns in Long Island Sound” . . . “Does an Urban Forest Fragment Provide Quality Foods for Migrating Songbirds? “ . . . “The Effect of Interruptions on Task Performance and Flow” . . .  “Liberation” . . . “University Based Risk Factor Intervention for Fire Fighters” and “SHUGamer” . . . and many more!!!
Award  ceremony: 2:45 -3:15pm (including CXC Writing Prize Winners ceremony).  Variety of Refreshments will be provided (mini-wraps, hot hors d'ouevres, hearty desserts, drinks, etc)