The Tradition of Catholic Education for Today

Catholic Education for TodayAs the first institution of Catholic higher education in the United States that was founded to be led and staffed by lay people, SHU plays an important role in shaping today’s modern, vibrant Catholic intellectual traditions.

Since our beginning, we have led the way in creating new educational experiences that give our students real-world opportunities to serve, grow and prosper in their faith and in our world.

At Sacred Heart University, we have clearly embraced the remarkable vision of Bishop Walter W. Curtis in our mission:

... to prepare men and women to live in and make their contributions to the human community...  The University aims to assist in the development of people knowledgeable of self, rooted in faith, educated in mind, compassionate in heart, responsive to social and civic obligations and able to respond to an ever-changing world. It does this by calling forth the intellectual potential of its students, nurturing each one's spiritual and moral growth and deepening in them a sense of social responsibility ... As a Catholic university, this University seeks to play its appropriate role in the modern world. It exemplifies in its life the Judeo-Christian values of the God-given freedom and dignity of every human person. Inspired by the ecumenical spirit of the Second Vatican Council, Sacred Heart University welcomes men and women of all religious traditions and beliefs who share its concerns for truth, scholarship, the dignity of the human person, freedom and the betterment of human society.